About Us

How Was Krumm's Born?

 We feel that feeding people amazing food is love. We have always dreamed of sharing our love and appreciation of really fabulous food, as a way of adding more love to the world. Some of our most precious memories arise from shared meals; being fed by our mothers and grandmothers as children (or adults), or simply a sniff of the spice jar. We break bread and learn something about ourselves and our relationship to others, sometimes even a bit about the world. Let us help you to enjoy both simple moments and special celebrations even more by providing memory worthy foods.  We strive to bring you only the highest quality products. Always made from the freshest, most locally available ingredients possible. Our products are produced under the Wyoming Food Freedom Act. Since we do not mass produce from a commercial facility, our products are not licensed, inspected, or certified. 

Traditional Family Recipes

Our recipes have stood the test of time  and will take you back to a time where preparing and serving delicious food to others was an act of loving them. There are never any short cuts or strange ingredients here. We use only the purest and freshest ingredients available.

Free Delivery

We believe that the stress of having to go out and get food takes away from the enjoyment of it so we always deliver items right to you. Delivery is scheduled at the time of your order, and we will always do our best to make sure it fits into your schedule as easily as possible. This also makes it super easy to send food to the people you care about.