Wonder what our customers are saying? Here are a few things. If you want to hear more head over to our Facebook page.

 "Best chocolate chip cookies EVER! Tanya is very easy to work with and will customize your needs. We ordered cupcakes for graduation and can't wait to see them! Yummy stuff is on it's way!"  ~ Jenny

 "A friend of mine had a meal sent to us after a chemo day. Truly hit the spot! Homemade creamy tomato soup, cheese rolls, and last, but certainly not least delicious (huge) chocolate cup cakes!" ~ Teri 

 "A definite *5*! Had chocolate fudge cake and buttermilk cinnamon scones, super yum!! She makes her own butters too. Presentation also a *5*....came tied up with old fashion red and white bakery string." ~ Mary

"I ordered some scones a couple weeks ago and they were awesome. Just got a carrot cake and rolls for Easter and they were so good too." ~ Misty

"Best chicken noodle soup I've ever had and the fresh baked rolls are perfection! [Krumm's Baking Co] starts the soup stock the night before delivery! ooh la la! Made with love!" ~Monika 


"I've now had two menu items from this company and both were amazingly delicious!! Highly recommend!" ~ Cristen

 "The food was absolutely amazing! Will be ordering again very soon!" ~ Andrea    

"Gourmet and free delivery, their food is amazing! If you haven't tried it you're missing out" ~ Carla

"Best cupcakes ever !!!!!" ~ Jim

 "They [Frosted Sugar Cookies] are delicious! Thank you so much😊" ~ Cindy    

 Yes...they absolutely do! [Speaking of how the everyday sugar cookies literally melt in your mouth] Oatmeal raisin so yummy too. ~ Mary

 "Devine egg noodles!" ~ Monika

"The lemon desert bundle is a GREAT Deal! I am not much of a fan for lemon stuff but the lemon butter topped off the pound cake perfectly! So good!" ~ Kim

"Such a yummy cake [Chocolate with fudge filling and vanilla buttercream] it was. Don't miss out on this Gillette!" ~ Connie 

"Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things! Frosted sugar cookies... my absolute fave!!!!"  "the most amazing, decadent chocolate chip cookies"  ~ Monika

"I ordered a pound cake with lemon butter and freshly whipped cream. We've never had lemon butter before; it was fabulous! The pound cake was perfect, my children couldn't get enough. We've also had fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. They were scrumptious. I'll definitely order more goodies.

[update] I ordered sugar cookies yesterday (5/5/17). They were better than the ones I had growing up!" ~ Sara